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Whether it’s about promoting your hospital in subtle ways with SEO optimised blogs or generating articles with medical tips. We are who you’re looking for.
Health is not valued till sickness comes, and we help you spread that message!

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Impress even the most intelligent individuals with our high-quality and SEO optimized content. What we offer is going to provide a competitive edge.
Our medical copywriters understand the unique requirements of the healthcare industry and will provide well-researched content that will generate new leads.
Only the best become Pepper writers. As the top content writing company, we have writers who have more than five years of experience working in the field of medical content.
We can generate topics on any clinical issues that you want to address. From health tips to healthcare technology, we provide you with it all.
Our pools of writers include currently practising as well as retired physicians, registered nurses, clinical psychologists, pharmacy technicians, family counsellors, and medical students.
Our clients range from medical offices to PTSD counselling organisations. Just choose the category or pick from our variety of sub-genres, and our experts will put it all together for you.
Treat your readers and cure them of ignorance
  • With highly qualified medical writers at our helm, you can definitely expect your readership to be at the pink of health all the time.
  • Healthcare related content covering the gamut of queries in all forms like articles, videos, infographics to keep the audience engaged.
  • Draw in the reader base you need to increase the reach of your content using the right SEO strategy.

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What are the guidelines to write for Healthcare Genre?

Healthcare Genre content guidelines revolve around creating content that is unparalleled in terms of precision empowered by the detail-oriented oversight of the writers and editors. The content must be goal-oriented and tailor-made to suit the requirements of your target audiences better.

What happens during the process of requesting and receiving content?

During the process of requesting and receiving content, the initial briefing round takes place between the client and us. Then the next round of briefing involves the selected writer based on the mentioned niche preference and us.

Do I have to pay every time I request to edit the content you create for me?

You get editing free for only two iterations of each content piece.

How much research do your writers put into each piece of content?

Our healthcare content experts believe in tossing the box to imitate your brand voice to narrate your story concisely that will be in-sync with your healthcare brand standards.

Can you assure me that the content I receive is plagiarism-free?

Yes. We guarantee you about delivering 100% plagiarism-free content as we pursue multi-stage plagiarism detector policies.

How will the content I buy be priced?

The content you buy will be priced as per your inclination based on the budget, word-length, and the number of content pieces as we do have different subscription models to impart the hassle-free content experience to our clients.

Do your writers have the required expertise to create write Medical content?

Our writers are extremely qualified as they have undergone stringent training and vetting. They are trained to deliver tailor-made healthcare content experience based on clear facts not merely about existing healthcare trends but also about emerging trends.

Have your writers’ written Medical content for other clients?

Yes, our writers have earned spurs for writing empowered, SEO-optimized, relevant Medical content for other clients by keeping their focus intact on loyalty-driven customer engagement.

Have your writers handled topics in the Healthcare genre that require research in great depth?

Our writers have handled an array of topics in the Healthcare genre that require research in great depth as the healthcare industry is ever-evolving and our writers believe in staying abreast of the current trends to enhance their knowledge.

Can you write different types of Medical writing, such as clinical writing, etc.?

Yes, our experienced writers are trained to write different types of Medical writing, including clinical writing.

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