26 Content Writing tips for Beginners

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July 3rd, 2020


A good writer is always identified through his creative and informative writing skills. Content writing is quite similar to writing a content offline. There are numerous websites online which demand a good piece of content in order to showcase their product or services to online visitors. So content writing has become an on demand profession among freelancers nowadays. A content writer is the one who engages in delivering a creative yet informative content through proper research on the subject.

Conent Writing Tips

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Freelance content writers can develop a good career in this sector. But before starting as a freelance content writer one should consider few aspects in order to create a perfect content. So here are the best 26 content writing tips for beginners who wish to master the art of writing content online.

  1. Develop an interest towards writing

    You have to ask yourself that why you want to write a content. If the answer is yes then you can proceed towards next step.

  2. A lot of reading

    Before starting to write as content writer you should read a lot of stuff on various topics online. Read blogs, articles, technical posts and newsletters regularly.

  3. Start writing small

    Whatever ideas you have in your mind or any kind story do write them every day. Start by writing with smaller word count.

  4. Research and research

    Before writing do a lot of research on the topic you wish to write. A good research on the topic will help you to deliver a rich content.

  5. Learn some high school grammar

    Before you begin to write do some homework on the basic grammar so that you can write precisely. Check your grammar while writing.

  6. Check for spellings

    While writing content makes sure you check the spellings first. If there are any mistakes then work on developing your spellings.

  7. Develop vocabulary

    The content looks perfect with rich vocabulary only. Work on developing your vocabulary and using it where need while writing.

  8. Develop tones

    You will have to write different types of content in which there will be use of multiple tones. So try practicing writing in different tones.

  9. Planning for the content

    Before writing content you should always plan accordingly. Write out few key points to be added in the content. Prepare an overall structure of the content.

  10. Identify the content

    By reading the information provided about the content you can easily identify the type if content that you are going to write. Identify whether it’s an article, blog, technical content or any other type.

  11. Work on good title

    Only a catchy title will attract more readers for your content. The title should describe your content in very first sight.

  12. Subheadings

    If you wish to make your content more readable then you should add suitable subheading for it. It will add more information to your content.

  13. Good introduction

    While writing any content you should focus on creating a perfect introduction. The introduction part will give a brief idea of your content to the reader.

  14. Use of keywords

    Make sure you use relevant keywords in your content. The keywords should be used only where they are required.

  15. Write short paragraphs

    Writing long paragraphs will only disappoint your reader. Writing short paragraphs will engage the reader with the content.

  16. Consider writing active sentences

    Writing passive sentences will only confuse the reader. Active sentences will convey precise information towards the readers.

  17. Don’t distract

    While writing content do not distract with the topic. Distracting while writing content will only lead to write non-relevant information.

  18. Delivering content with visual presentation

    A content which is written with an addition of relevant image or video will engage more readers.

  19. Conclusion

    The content should be concluded well so that readers can get a good summary about the total content.

  20. Edit content

    A beginner freelance content writer should always edit their content once it is finished. Editing it will let the writer to identify the spelling or grammar mistakes done while writing. Writer can even improve their sentences or structure of the content.

  21. Give references where needed

    Once you have written the content try to give references where they are required. Adding references to the content will enrich the quality of content.

  22. Check for plagiarism

    Once you have finished writing your content, don’t forget to check it for plagiarism. This step will help you make your content more unique and readable for the readers.

  23. Meet the deadlines

    Content should be delivered or published on time. So a freelance content writer should always follow all the deadlines necessarily. Content delivered within time is more attractive too.

  24. Don’t be much pressurized while writing

    When you are creating content then you should keep your mind calm and try to complete it within time. Don’t get stressed while researching a topic and during writing. Too much pressure will only cause distraction further leading to improper content.

  25. Work like a professional

    While writing content you should consider yourself working in a professional manner. Like a working professional you should write effectively considering time and deadlines.

  26. Don’t multitask while writing

    As a beginner you can get distracted easily from writing while doing other tasks. So while writing focus only on your current work and not on other tasks. Multitasking is not essential while writing a good content. Try to avoid other tasks in order to deliver a perfect content.

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