From Fiction to Non-fiction, from Self-help to Industry-specific, access hypnotic E-book content by well-read writers’ who impart wings to your imagination through genre-oriented apt words.
Books Are Measurement Of Emotions and We Measure Right.

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Power your inbound marketing with our eBook writing services. We will create crisp, engaging eBooks that will engage your audience and captures leads.
Our best ebook copywriters can write content suited for ebooks which have pillar-rich pages and will help in reaping SEO benefits.
All our skilled writers have more than five years’ experience working in the content writing field and have been associated with many publishing and eBook writing projects.
Our pool of content writers for ebooks have varied knowledge and can write about anything under the sun. We aim to bridge the gap between content developers and the people demanding it.
At Pepper, we make sure to hire only the best writers that meet our quality standards. So, you know the final copy you get, will be top-notch.
We take advantage of diverse and experienced writers to serve clients from different industries and organizations. Our experts will take care of everything, from writing to designing.
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  • Create informative content to display thought leadership for your brand.
  • Increase the credibility of your business by providing SEO-rich solutions via pillar pages and reap the benefits.
  • Draw in intelligent discussions and stay in the news by producing thought-provoking content for the industry.

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Looking to hire writers for e-books?

What are the different verticals that your writers can deal with?

Our writers can deal with a pervasive range of verticals inclusive of E-Books Writing. They include Blog Writing, Press Release Writing, Technical Writing, Branded Content, Company Profile, Translation, Copywriting, Ecommerce Content, Scriptwriting, Newsletter Writing, Social Media, White Paper Writing, Article Writing, Thought Leadership Content, and many more.

What is the process for deciding which writer would be the perfect fit for me?

Our process for deciding which writer would be the perfect fit for you is extremely detail-oriented. Post the first briefing round, and we access the skill of our writers belonging to the niche to identify the ideal fit as per your defined requirements.

Can I make changes to or reject the content that you create for me if it doesn't suit my requirements?

Yes, you can refuse the content created for you if it fails to cater to your requirements.

Will my content be based on in-depth research?

Yes, rest assured that your content will be based on in-depth research to ensure that it takes into account the required insightful angles emphasizing artistry for creating a stellar E-book experience for your readers.

What will be the pricing model for the content I want?

Explore our multitude of subscription models and select the one that comes across as the ideal one.

What is your policy regarding plagiarized content?

We cast off any possibility of plagiarism to sneak in our content by leveraging the resourcefulness of our plagiarism checker tools.

Will, your writers, have rights over the content they create for me?

No, when you pay the price for the content exclusively meant for you, our writers hand over the rights to the content they create for you.

Are your writers well versed with writing E-books?

Our writers are thoroughly well versed with writing E-books, and that is indeed the reason they can write with terrific authority to give your brand a foolproof image.

Is there a limit on how much ghostwriting I can use?

No, there is no limit on how much ghostwriting you can use. The more you rely on subject matter experts, the sooner you can establish yourself as a frontrunner in your industry vertical.

Have your writers written E-Books for other clients?

Yes, our writers have written E-Books for other clients including Guide books, QA books, Daily Ritual books, Tips books, List books, and many more.

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