Pros And Cons Of Google Translate

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July 2nd, 2020

We live in a highly sophisticated era wherein modern technology has made our life quite advance and, undoubtedly, prosperous. Internet is one such boon of science that has given a new meaning to our living. Whether it is planning a trip or shopping essential commodities, we rely on the internet to fulfil our utmost activities. Even, it has bridged the communication gap between two persons knowing different languages.

Yes, you are right. The internet has offered several translation services both paid and free to allow the users to know the entire world, without facing the hindrance of language. Google translate is one such service that ensures flawless communication irrespective of any language differences. You will feel surprised by the number of users relying on Google translate, which is approx 500 million.

Google Translate


Without any doubt, it has become the popular translator tool helping to translate billions of words a day. Students learning any foreign language depends upon such tools to complete their assignments. But, do these translators always provide accurate results? Are they grammatically error-free? Are they worth to depend on for professional writing?

All such queries are easy to resolve if one is aware of the basic functioning, pros and cons of such translation services. In terms of accuracy and quality, there are lots of differences between a Google translator and a well-known human translator. Inconsistent accuracy might result in incorrect communication of critical information, which may further lead to several issues.

Before we move ahead, let's take a look at how Google translate works.

Reasons behind the popularity of Google translate

Limiting factors to know about Google translate

Now, one major question that strikes our mind is whether Google Translate is a useful tool or not. Well, it entirely depends upon one's need and type of texts and documents translated. It is not ideal for commercial translation which includes secret documents.

For availing utmost benefits, it is important to consider its pros and cons well. Make sure you don't commit common mistakes just because you aren't aware of its limiting factors. It is highly beneficial for travellers or non-business purposes where there is no risk of losing precious documents.

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