Get content projects that suit your skills
Build an excellent career in content helping businesses across a variety of industries with our platform. Work on projects at your own speed and rates from anywhere.
What do we do?
Contribute to exciting content projects for some of India's Biggest Brands and curate content that resonates through metrics and quality.
Work flexibly from home and earn covering a diverse area of work profiles. Be assured of steady work with good and timely pay.
You will be matched with projects that fit your experience, expertise and knowledge area. These projects will involve putting forth your creative zest to the table.
Receive valuable training to develop your skills and detailed, constructive feedback on your work from our side.
How we do it?
Step 1
Once enlisted as a writer in the Pepper Cloud, you will receive work assignments in regular intervals. The work assignments will provide you a rough sketch along with the clients' expectations and adherence to deadlines will be a key evaluative parameter.
Step 2
We at Pepper, will be tracking a few key performance metrics for every writer in our system. Creating high quality content that engages readers, fast turnaround times along with prompt replies are key determinants for us.
Step 3
We have a strict anti-plagiarism policy and believe in the art of creating intuitive and original content. All work related correspondence will occur through mail.
Step 4
Payments will be done in periodic intervals and based on your previous work experiences with us, you will accordingly be rewarded.
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